The Wanderlust Entrepreneurs 


WE build businesses that support our ideal lifestyle, fuel our souls, and stop trading time for money. 

Monthly coaching & community for PT Entrepreneurs 



Dear Ambitious Therapist,


Business should… 

  • support the type of lifestyle you want.
  • leverage systems to stop trading time for money.
  • create time and financial freedom.

The purpose of building a business is so that we have more time to spend with the people we love and the things we love to do.  

If that is not the case in your business or career, it’s time to make a change. 

Life is short. It’s about more than building a business.

It’s about building the life you want. 

Imagine what it would be like... 

- Generating $30k/mo. 
- Working 2 days a week.
- Waking up without an alarm.
Generating income while you sleep.
- Traveling the nation in a campervan because… why not? 
- “Working” when you want, where you want, with who you want, how you want.  

This is my life.

And I want to teach you EVERYTHING I know.

~ Dr. Jess 


The Wanderlust Entrepreneurs (WE) 

The Wanderlust Entrepreneurs (WE) is a monthly virtual group coaching program and community for PTs looking to master time and financial freedom through lifestyle and career design.


WE helps PT entrepreneurs build businesses that support their ideal lifestyle, fuel their soul, and stop trading time for money, surrounded by a community of like- minded souls. 

WE is for you if...


You are a physical therapists, business owner or entrepreneur, seasoned clinician or student, who wants to... 

  • Avoid burnout 
  • Think outside the box
  • Stop trading time for money
  • Start a side gig 
  • Looking to start, grow, or scale a business
  • Enroll in business coaching, but can't afford other high- ticket programs
  • Escape conventional care, the “9-5,” and insurance companies 
  • Stop building someone else’s dreams (business) 
  • Quit your “day job”
  • And anyone interested in business (online and in-person), telehealth, travel therapy, or online course creation.




I generated $1,491 for my first course launch, and I couldn’t have done it without Jess’ guidance!

~ Dr. Q, PT, DPT, FAFS

WE believe in... 

1. Lifestyle design. 

Designing a career around a lifestyle you love, instead of a life around a job.  Building businesses should light you up and fuel your soul.


2. Work smarter.

Not harder. Leveraging systems to stop trading time for money. It’s not about the hustle and grind anymore. Life is short. It’s about the hammock and vacation days. 


3. Better together. 

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Make them count and surround yourself with other entrepreneurial- spirited Wanderlust PTs with the same vision and mission as you.  WE “think outside the box” and don’t always believe in the “societal norms.” WE push you to do more and burn brighter.

WE are a small tribe of motivated PTs designing and building ideal lives & businesses that fuel our soul.


I was stressed about my finances and lack of time. After a 30 mins with Jess, we devised a plan to free up my time and generate some quick income. I implemented right away and generated over $13,000 in 1 week based on her recommendations. I am forever grateful for her guidance and push. 

~ Nicole J
Founder, GPIGBOX &
Shopify Simplified Course 

What WE do...

Together, WE will Design, Build, Grow, and Master your ideal PT business, career, and life.

Click the "+" to discover what you learn in each stage. 

What People are Saying... 


You're like a Jedi Master, and I'm just over here trying to turn on the damn light saber!  


I sold 12 courses and made $828 with my first launch!!

-Kate B


I collected 24 names and email addresses of leads interested in my course!

- Lydia S

Dr. Liana Sved, PT, DPT, CMTPT

I enrolled in The Therapist's Online Course Creation Challenge, and in 30 days, I sold and built my first online program bringing in $2,007 and 13 clients!  I am still in shock over how well this method and content worked!

Dr. Susan Brookes, PT, DPT, MDNC

As a seasoned physical therapist, who waited for referrals from physicians and insurance companies, I was unfamiliar with the technical part of building a landing page or how to sell a course online to make money. When I decided to become a cash based physical therapist and owner, I was lost in the “how-to”.  I understood the concepts but didn’t know how to execute them. Jess’ technical videos and building a course program was so easy to follow and took my stress level from a 10+ to a 1.  I no longer felt like an idiot with a Doctorate degree, but a confident business owner who grew her business with ease using Jess’ teachings.


Here’s What WE Get...

Membership Features

When you join the The Wanderlust Entrepreneurs you will meet other like-minded, entrepreneurial, wanderlust-spirited PTs and get coaching and guidance as you build the life and business you've always dreamed of.  

Empower your entrepreneurial journey with bi-weekly coaching and by surrounding & supporting yourself with like-minded, kindred souls.

Monthly Masterclass ($1000 value)
Step-by-step instructions on topics to help grow your business. 

Monthly Live Q & As & Group Coaching ($500 value
Bring your burning questions and what you are currently working on.

Exclusive WE Community ($250 value)
Maybe the best part of the program- the community of other like-minded individuals for daily support and accountability. 

WE Success Path
The entrepreneurial journey is different for everyone. These are the stages for your entrepreneurial journey. 

Accountability Partners
Link up with another WE on their path, so you can keep on track and be held accountable.  

Resources, Tech How-Tos Library, & Recommended Tools ($500 value)
Cheat sheets, check lists, and worksheets and step-by-step videos make for quick implementations and an invaluable resource guide filled every tool you need to stay organized on your journey.


BONUS # 1: 
Special Guest Speakers 
Learn from the best leaders in the industry. 

BONUS # 2: 30- Day Free Trial of #1 Tech Platform  ($300 value)
All the tech you will ever need in one place.  

BONUS # 3: Discounts on merch and other programs/ courses
Get discounted access to The Course Creation Formula, Travel Therapy Course, and the Mastermind Program.

BONUS #4: Early-Bird Tickets to Virtual, Live Events & in- person Retreats
Get access to Virtual and Live Events when they launch. 

BONUS #5: Entrepreneur's Book Club 
Coming soon... 


Enrollment open this week only. 
Pricing will increase.  


This is your sign. Now is the time. 

If you are waiting for a sign from the Universe before branching out and starting to build something for yourself. Consider this the kick in the butt you've been waiting for.

You're welcome.