The Travel PT Bootcamp

Confidently become a travel PT as a new grad.

(Land your dream assignment, negotiate a 6-figure salary, 10x your clinical skills, & start living a life on your terms)

The Travel PT Bootcamp is for Wanderlusting Souls who want to make 6-figures as a Travel PT. 

Imagine living life on your terms - with the FREEDOM to take time- off whenever you want. 

Life’s too short, and your job should support the kind of lifestyle you want, not BE your life.  

So, if you are a... 

  • New Grad PT who is¬†eager to get started but doesn‚Äôt know where to start or thinks you¬†"need experience first"
  • New Traveler that wants to know what the HECK¬†you are doing, negotiate more, avoid mistakes and recognize red flags¬†
  • Seasoned PT¬†who wants to escape burnout and needs a change but is¬†unsure and feels stuck
  • Student PT who knows¬†this is the next step and wants to get ahead
  • Therapist Team¬†who wants to travel together and gracefully navigate getting contracts in the same area

You're in the right place.

The Travel PT Bootcamp
will give you the tools, inspiration, confidence, and unparalleled support on your journey to thriving as a new travel PT. 

This program is NOT for people who are comfortable conforming to societal norms, the monotony of a typical 9-5, a sub-par paycheck, and only 2 weeks off a year. 

Hi there, Aspiring Travel PT!

Dr. Jess, here. 

I've been a travel PT & coach for 10 years. 

Travel Therapy changed my life, and I know it will change yours too!

But the truth is, I made every mistake in the book:

  • nightmare assignments¬†
  • deceitful recruiting companies
  • missed negotiations
  • overpriced housing¬†
  • botched interviews
  • just to name a few...

It took 8 years to finally dial- in a repeatable process that consistently got me great jobs, that paid me what I wanted, and allowed me to live on my terms.

Everywhere I go, I meet aspiring Traveling PTs who wish they could do the same and that's why I created this program & WanderlustPTs - so you can build the life and career you've always dreamed of (without the overwhelm, fear, or uncertainty).

After coaching 100s of aspiring travelers, I've realized travel therapy fears, mistakes, and red flags can be avoided with the proper education, support, and mentorship.

You can get started right now and lock- in a high-paying gig as a travel PT in as little as 1 month. I know because countless students have written in to let me know they have done the same.

Right now, at this very moment, you can shortcut the whole process and be living your dream life as a Traveling PT.

Cheers to Creating a Life that Lights You Up~ 

Dr. Jess




  • 1. Six-Figure¬†Salary & Real-World Prep

    Say goodbye to guesswork! We’ll guide you through the travel therapy industry, from finding the perfect job to negotiating higher salaries, crushing student loans, and saving for retirement, so you can feel the the financial security that travel PT allows. 

  • 2. The "Right Job" with Mentorship

    You won’t be alone on this journey. Benefit from valuable mentorship and guidance, ensuring a smooth transition and paving the way for your success.

  • 3. Actionable Steps to Eliminate Overwhelm

    No fluff here! Learn proven strategies and practical tips to kickstart your travel PT career. Say hello to lucrative opportunities and farewell to overwhelm.

  • 4. Confidence & Certainty

    Say goodbye to imposter syndrome and hello to a new confident traveling therapist with a fool- proof, step-by-step system that walks you through everything you need to know to find the right job for you (even as a new grad).

  • 5. Freedom in your Career & Life

    Time to design a career that allows you the freedom that you want: freedom of time, location, and financial freedom. You'll be free from the common fears: of being taken advantage of, overwhelm, and the unknown, because you know exactly what to expect.

But above all else...

You'll seamlessly transition from a new grad to a seasoned travel PT with confidence and without overwhelm or uncertainty, armed with a step-by-step system & mentorship that covers every aspect of your career:  Rake- in a six-figure salary, design your ideal lifestyle, and enjoy the FREEDOM of time, location, and financial independence.

And you’ll never be alone, surrounded by a community of other like-minded (Wanderlust) PTs.




Thanks to Jess, I was able to secure a great contract & negotiate thousands of dollars more in my first contract. 

Gina & Garrett

As new travelers, we paid off $133,000 in student loan debt in 14 months, and Jess has helped us every step of the way.


This course took the guesswork out of the process. Definitely recommended! The course resources are invaluable.

What's Inside The Bootcamp


Getting Started:

This module will give you a jump-start on your travel therapy career, even if you haven't graduated yet.

Module Highlights:

Clear, step-by-step instructions to confidently kickstart your travel therapy career. We'll gain clarity around where you want to go, and how you are going to get there. 

  • Crafting an irresistible resume¬†with the Resume Transformation Workshop
  • Finding trustworthy recruiters and companies to work with using the Recruiter Matching System
  • Licensing requirements and staying organized with multiple licenses as well as a Licensing Clarity Session.
  • Understanding tax home rules before embarking on your travel adventures¬†

Finding the Right Job: 

The content in this module is the most critical to making sure the first job is the right fit for you, so that you are not taken advantage of or "thrown to the wolves" or "sent to bad places."

Module Highlights:

Includes my 5 Step Job Search System to finding the right job and researching new locations and:

  • Discovering your perfect job fit through effective interview techniques and questions
  • Accessing mentorship, orientation, and support from experienced therapists
  • Mastering negotiation strategies to increase your take-home pay
  • All the resources, tools, and support you need to confidently sign on the dotted line¬†with the Contract Confidence Audit.¬†
  • Researching new locations and uncovering the best job opportunities


Thriving as a Travel PT

This module is filled with tips and tricks that address the intricacies of traveling after you accept your first position, so that you don't burnout and can travel as long as you want. 

Module Highlights:

How to stay organized complete with my Traveler's Toolkit of resources to help make your transition to travel life easier

  • Navigating housing options and avoiding unnecessary expenses with the Housing Search Blueprint
  • Adapting to new environments and building connections
  • Managing multiple licenses, CEUs, and health insurance
  • Strategize¬†traveling as a team and getting contracts together¬†
  • Practical resources to simplify your transition to the travel therapist lifestyle

But That's not all...

You're also going to get access to these  4 INCREDIBLE BONUSES to help you seamlessly transition & thrive as a new travel PT...

That’s 4 FREE BONUSES for a total value of $2,927!


Plus, you'll gain access to: 

  • My Personalized List of Recommended Recruiters¬†($449¬†value)¬†Immediate Exclusive Access to the BEST in the biz, so you can save time finding a "good" recruiter and not worry about being taken advantage of.
  • The WanderlustPTs University Private Community ($225 value) lifetime access for ongoing support so you never feel alone.
  • Lifetime access to recordings of trainings, so you can go through it at your own pace and return to it when you need.¬†
  • Partnership¬†opportunities¬†so you can earn real $$$¬†for referring friends to the program.
  • Certification as a¬†WanderlustPTs Travel Therapist, so that others know you are a competent, educated¬†Wanderlust PT traveler.¬†

You can invest with complete confidence because you'll be backed by
TWO Guarantees

1. A Risk-Free "Love it or Leave it" 30-Day Guarantee 

You're not afraid to invest in your career if you know it's a wise one... with plenty of skills or ROI to show for it. (Sooner rather than later).

I get you. I've been there. 

So here's why you can place your confidence in a money- back guarantee and set any enrollment nerves aside-

By the end of 30 days, you'll have received access to the entire program.

Meaning you'll have the opportunity to step inside, go through the program, follow the simple step-by-step plan, and realize for yourself just how valuable the program is and how amazing it feels to live the life of a traveling therapist.  

If by 30 days, you don't absolutely LOVE it as much as I do and hundreds of other students have- I will refund your investment.

2. The Six- Figure Travel PT Guarantee

This program isn't just about consuming information. It's about implementing the information in order to get a great travel PT job with a FAT PAYCHECK and thrive as a new travel PT-

So I won't be happy until you do!

I've done everything in my power to make this the BEST Travel Therapy Course & Mentorship Program specifically for Physical Therapists!  

I KNOW it works because it's the exact same processes and information that I use and hundreds of students whom I have mentored and have become successful travelers themselves.  

I guarantee that you will make a six- figure salary as a travel PT in 90 days or less, or I will work with you until you do.

Real Talk, for a sec~

Just ask yourself, how much would this be worth to you?

To be able to confidently land your dream 6-FIGURE travel PT job as soon as possible without fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm? 

I spent 10 years doing it on my own, learning from my mistakes, so that you don’t have to- 

Truth is, had I known everything I know now…

I could’ve saved THOUSANDS of dollars (especially regarding housing, locations, contracts, moving expenses, to name a few) and negotiated thousands of dollars more… 

… I estimated over $50K LOST. 


Expensive Lessons Learned. 

And now,  I’m handing you the manual to avoid my Expensive Lessons Learned. 

When you see my proven process from start to finish, you’ll have the skills to negotiate more, find better jobs with the support & mentorship that you want FASTER.

I’ve helped hundreds of travelers like you negotiate $1,400- $4,000 more, find great jobs faster, and most importantly...

They have a more enjoyable experience as a traveler, so they travel for longer (which also means more moola). 

Yes, results vary depending on your work ethic and how well you follow my instructions.

But if you could skip all the time, struggle, lost wages, and overwhelm of trying to ‚Äúfigure it out on your own..‚Ä̬†

Like how to: 

  • find a good job,¬†
  • negotiate more,¬†
  • find housing,¬†
  • find a good recruiting company,¬†
  • stay organized,¬†
  • navigate licensure & CEUs¬†

… And ALLLLL the other intricacies that come with being a traveler. 

And you could lock in your 6-figure travel dream job SOONER...


How much would you be willing to invest?

It's Official: The Travel PT Bootcamp Changes Lives, and It's OPEN for Enrollment.


Gain access to ALL the Tools you need to make your dream of being a Travel PT a reality: 

The Travel PT Bootcamp

(a $6,491 value)
  • Pre- recorded trainings,¬†READY, SET, TRAVEL that covers everything you need to know about confidently become a travel PT without¬†fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty, even as a new grad.¬†


  • BONUS #1: Travel PT Strategy¬†Calls ($1,500 value)¬†
    For 1:1 support as you prep & find your assignment. *Limited 
  • BONUS #2:¬†The Mentorship Manual ($549 value)
    To find the right job for you (& avoid the bad ones)
  • BONUS #3:¬†The Travel Therapists Toolkit¬†¬†($629 value)
    Get (and stay!) organized as a new travel therapist
  • BONUS #4:¬†The Travel Therapist's Roadmap and Timeline ($249 value)
    Step-by-step Clif Notes of the entire program and process, so you know exactly what to do when, and land your travel job sooner. 
  • My Personalized List of Recommended Recruiters¬†($449¬†value)¬†
    Immediate Exclusive Access to the BEST in the biz
    , so you can save time finding a "good" recruiter and not worry about being taken advantage of.
  • The WanderlustPTs University Private Community ($225 value)
    Lifetime access for ongoing support so you never feel alone.
  • Lifetime access¬†to recordings of trainings, so you can go through it at your own pace and return to it when you need.¬†
  • Partnership¬†opportunities¬†so you can earn real $$$¬†for referring friends to the program.
  • Certification as a¬†WanderlustPTs Travel Therapist, so that others know you are a competent, educated¬†Wanderlust PT traveler.¬†

That's a Total Value of $10,425.

But don't worry, you don’t have to invest $10,425…

You don’t even have to invest $2,000.

Today, you can
Get started for 6 payments of $197.

That’s roughly $1,200 over the next 6 months.
Or even better…

Save $200
and go for the 

One-Time Payment of $997


Fast-Action BONUS:
Limited to the first 10 who sign up will receive a personalized Resume Review.

SPACE IS LIMITED: Due to the 1:1 nature of coaching, space is limited for each cohort.  

*Price may increase for next cohort.

Choose below and get instant access to the whole training!









DISCLAIMER: Your results will depend on your level of diligence and other external factors. Examples are for illustration purposes only, and are not a guarantee that you will experience the same results. These clients experiences are examples of past performance and not a guarantee of success. Your results may vary.

It's Official: The Travel PT Bootcamp Changes Lives, and It's OPEN for Enrollment.









Burning Qs your fellow aspiring travelers asked before grabbing their access



This online course was the BEST online course that I have taken, by far (and I have taken many).The lessons were organized, with an incredible amount of resources, all to help get you started on the journey to become a traveling therapist.


Take this class!! Even if you think you won't need it or that you can get the information elsewhere, this class had an amazing set-up that really guided me through the whole process of becoming a traveling therapist. I don't know how students go into traveling therapy without this course! I am very thankful and relieved that I'm able to have this course to guide me!


My biggest concern is being a new grad and being thrown into a complicated world of travel therapy. This program has given me the knowledge and confidence to succeed as a new grad traveler. I feel so much more prepared to attack traveling head on.  Beyond the lessons, the handouts and worksheets alone are worth it.


If you have any hesitation about joining this course, DO IT! This course was so helpful; I don’t know how I would have done it without this course, especially since I'm such a planner. I researched traveling therapy A LOT before I found this course, and it was great to see things that I never researched or considered come up in these lessons. You will learn things you never thought of before and will be thoroughly educated on all you need to know in order to be ready for the experience of your life!

Space is limited.