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Finding the ideal physical therapist or virtual assistant for your private practice PT clinic just got a lot easier...


It's time to scale your PT practice, but the idea of hiring someone is overwhelming & you don't have time.

You’ve tried the local PT colleges’ career fairs. You’ve posted on online job boards, through local online listings, social media, and even offered a finder’s fee to your staff and through alumni pages.

You've spent HOURS searching and posting on Indeed, Zip recruiter, and combing through mediocre resumes and profiles.

But from your wildest efforts to find staff, you’ve only collected a handful of resumes of less than qualified candidates. 

And the “sponsored” online job posting that runs you $600 a month produces a measly 1 resume per month. At that rate, you will be looking your entire lifetime because you know you need a bigger applicant pool to get the right people in front of you- 

Because it’s not just about having a warm body to fill the space, but finding the right applicants- 

You don't want to just make it work with the few applicants that you have- You want to find someone that wants to stick around and grow with the clinic long- term. 

You know you need to get your unique opportunity in front of ALL qualified candidates, not just those searching for jobs in your area. 

Especially because most new grads are willing to relocate to find the right job. 

We're here to help.

Learn how we can help you.

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What we do

We are PTs who connect you directly with top physical therapist candidates from our proprietary niche database of PTs and new grads.


You tell us all about your clinic, what you need, and your ideal candidate.


We screen, rank, and connect you directly with top candidates.


We want you to find the right fit as much as you do. 

“I was paying for advertising that was not producing any interested candidates. I used this service, immediately received 5 resumes. Hands down worth it. This is genius.”
— Cash -Based PT Practice Owner 

Why We are Different

We are NOT your run-of-the-mill staffing agency. We are PTs who connect you directly with ideal candidates for your PT practice from our proprietary niche database of ambitious PTs and new grads.

We listen.

We learn exactly what your clinic is looking for and create an individualized, captivating job post that will have only your ideal candidates lining-up for interviews. 

We're picky.

We only work with the top PT candidates and gold-standard clinics, the BEST in the industry. We won't waste your time or theirs. 

No BS.

We do the heavy lifting, posting, and sorting. No more spending HOURS on job boards and combing through mediocre resumes. Your time is your money. 

How we can help you

Enter your email below to schedule your free consultation. 


Free consultation

Schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you and create a customized, compelling advertisement that will have applicants lining-up for an interview.



Review applicants 

Interested candidates will be reviewed, and a brief summary of qualified candidates along with their resumes and video cover letters will be sent directly to you. 


Find the right fit

You interview and hire who you want, and only pay the Finder’s Fee* when you find the right fit. 

Let us do the heavy lifting. 


Our goal is for you to find the ideal candidate for your clinic by- 

  • Creating a captivating, individualized job description written based on your specific needs
  • Posting your opportunity on our exclusive job board (Coming soon) 
  • Notifying a niche database of ambitious, outside the box- thinking PTs of your opportunity.  
  • Screening, selecting, ranking, and recommending the BEST candidates for the job 
  • Sending video cover letters to save you time and interview only the best candidates.  
  • Providing organized data and ranked recommendations of candidates for you to review on your own time.


Let us help you.

Enter your email below to schedule your free consultation. 


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